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So, You Want To Surf The Mentawais?

So, you’ve decided it’s time…

You’ve been saving for this, preparing for this.. this is it.

The Big Mentawai Trip

Your Turn To Ride Those Mad Mentawai Waves Everyone’s Talking About…


Where do you start?

What’s the plan?

Are you going for accommodation on one of the islands?

Or a surf charter – surf boat trip?

What’s your budget?

How will you get there?

What time of the year is best?

Yes, we know, so many questions.

And where to find the answers?

Well, start HERE, this website, browse the categories on the right, surf around a bit, and see where it takes you…….

As they say, half the fun is the journey of getting there……….

Phil Goodrich X Rip Curl Mentawai “Live The Search” T-Shirt

Rip Curl and artist Phil Goodrich created this limited edition t-shirt to help raise money for Mentawai villagers.


Hendy had just returned from a trip to both Katiet and Silabu villages, where in addition to doing a final inspection of the event site in Katiet, he delivered on Rip Curl’s 2012 promise to raise enough money to buy and install toilets (121) in every household on Silabu.  He was able to hand the head of the village a check for 30 million rupiah, which was raised through the sales of a special t-shirt whose design was donated by American artist (and frequent Mentawai traveler) Phil Goodrich.

The T-Shirt, now very hard to find as it was a strictly limited edition release, is also available in white with a variation on the design theme:




The Mentawai Islands Regency Administration

The Mentawai Islands are administered by the government if Indonesia as an entity known as a “regency”.  They are part of the province known as Sumatera Barat (West Sumatra) and since 1999 have been a part of this province. The capital of Sumatera Barat is the city of Padang which is on the Sumatran mainland, opposite the Mentawais.

The Mentawai regency “seat” is Tua Pejat, located on Sipura island.

The regency comprises ten separate districts (“kecamatan”) as listed below:

  • Siberut Selatan (South Siberut) 
  • Siberut Barat Daya (Southwest Siberut)
  • Siberut Tengah (Central Siberut)
  • Siberut Utara (North Siberut) 
  • Siberut Barat (West Siberut)
  • Pagai Selatan (South Pagai)
  • Sikakap (Town on North Pagai)
  • Pagai Utara (North Pagai)
  • Sipora Selatan (South Sipora) 
  • Sipora Utara (North Sipora)

There is excellent surfing in all of the above areas.

See the map below showing the Mentawai Islands Regency as well as West Sumatra area.

Click here to see some maps of the Mentawais showing the hottest surfing spots.


Traditional People of The Mentawai Islands

mentawai-tribal-people-traditional-people-of-mentawaiThe local traditional, ethnic tribal group in the Mentawai Islands are known as the Mentawai people.

It is believed that the Mentawai tribe originally came to the islands about 4000 years ago.

Today, they mostly live on Siberut, the largest and nothern-most island in the Mentawai archipelago.

The Mentawai Islands are quite isolated and the strong surf conditions and sharp coral reefs have traditionally prevented the Mentawai tribe from travelling to other islands. This is what explains why the traditions, culture, language and customs of the Mentawai people are so unique and different to other Indonesian peoples such as those from nearby Sumatra.

Anthropologists classication of the Mentawai people is “Protomalay”.


Bintang Beer. Indonesia’s Beer. Indo Surfer’s Beer :)

Bintang Beer

bintang beer beach indo surfingBintang is the most famous beer in Indonesia and the beer of choice for Indo Surfers :)

It’s taste is often compared to Heineken, which is interesting considering that the original Bintang brewery was established by Heineken back in 1929 when Indonesia was still under Dutch colonial rule.

Surfers in Indonesia love a beer after a day on the waves, and Bintang is sold on  beaches all over Indonesia, especially surfing and tourist spots. On Indonesian surf charters, the surf boat is almost guaranteed to be well stocked with Bintangs, with most charter packages offering a number of beers per day included in the package cost.

The Mentawai Islands and Surfing Tourism

the-mentawai-islandsThe Mentawai Islands

Situated off the western coast of Sumatra, Indonesia The Mentawai Islands sit the edge of a continental shelf.

Surrounded by coral reefs, the islands feature hundreds of picture-perfect sandy beaches, many of which are extremely (as in world class level) surfable.

Mentawai Surf

The deep ocean water off the edge of the continental shelf surges up forming big swell and resulting huge surf waves. The waves occur throughout the year, making the Mentawai Islands one of the world’s most desirable surfing locations, and there are many surf charter tourism operators including surfing boat trip charter companies click here for more info.

Surfing Tourism

Surfing tourism developed rapidly from the 1990s after more and more adventure surfers began to discover the incredible waves and beauty of the islands as welll.

The Mentawai Islands today are known as one of the best surf travel locations on the planet.

The islands feature probably the highest number of world class surf breaks all within the same area including Greenbush, Rifles, Macaroni, Lance’s Left and Lance’s Right, Telescopes and many more.

Read more information about the Mentawai Islands and surf boat trip charters here (click here)

Katiet Village, Mentawai Islands

Katiet Village on Sipora(Sipura) Island in the Mentawais is the village closes to the famous Lance’s Left, Lance’s Right & HT’s surfing waves.

It’s also a beautiful little Mentawai village.


The above photo is from a ceremony they put on for the opening of the Rip Curl Mentawai Pro, Indonesian Surf Comp…. which was won by up and coming young gun Indo surfer, Oney Anwar (from Lakey Beach, Sumbawa)


25 million Indo Rupiahs.. that’s a lot of coin over there………

Check out some vid of the event in a recent post on our blog here